ComYale Police Department's Communications is responsible for coordination and control of all emergency and non-emergency calls for service involving Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Service within the City of Yale and some surrounding areas.

Yale Police and Fire Department Communications currently have 6 dispatchers. Our Dispatchers are part of a combined efforts of both the Police and Fire Department. By having local Dispatchers our community is better served and cared for.

Yale Communications is manned 24 hours per day, seven days a week, throughout the year. Communications Specialists (Dispatchers) work a variety of shifts to ensure the best coverage for the Police, Fire services and EMS they coordinate. Communications Specialists utilize a wide range of tools to include multi-channel radio system, enhanced 911 and computer services to include N.C.I.C. and O.L.E.T's to assist them in their duties.

To reach our Communications Department please call (918)387-2403 or if you have an emergency please call 911.