Rodriguez family-Amarillo, Tx - 2013-11-02
We want to give our most humble appreciation for the care, support, and assistance your department provided for our parents, Eduardo and Maria Rodriguez. They were stranded on the highway; distraught and in need of their meds yesterday. Your immediate actions saved their lives. You are our heroes! God bless you and protect you in all that you do.

Rev. Richard Ayers - 2013-06-15
I have recently been appointed by Bishop Robert Hayes of the Oklahoma United Methodist Church to serve the Yale United Methodist Church. I want to express my thanks for a warm reception. I have met people from the Library to the Police Dept. to City Hall. Yale represents the best of Oklahoma and the best in the Body of Christ. May all who visit be as warmly greeted and sincerely welcomed. Richard Ayers

Gary Lewis - 2013-05-20
Payne County Chapter 820 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart wish to thank the Yale Police Dept and it's staff for your support,especially Chief Phil Keeling, at the Yale Sizzilin' Summer Car Show. Outstanding!!! Hope to see you next year.

Raju - 2012-10-16
A wonderful job. Super hlefpul information.

Daniel Hutchinson - 2012-05-09
I was born in Yale in 1/2/47 left befor i was 1 and i would love to have an e-mail of someone that could tell me about the town e-mail is look forward to talking to anyone

D.Hinman - 2011-07-19
Awesome site!! Chief Keeling has come a long way from buying nickel bags in Pawnee County and taking the drug dealers to jail!! Keep up the good work!

Bill Candeletti-Prisoner Bench - 2011-07-11
Great web site.If you guys order a bench I hope it serves it purpose...thanks. Be safe out there! Lt. Billy Candeletti (ret. RPD/NJ)

Janiece Eisberg - 2011-06-20
What a GREAT web site!!! I grew up near Maramec and my grandmother had to take her mother to the Dr. in Yale every week so I would browse the downtown area while they were there. I was in Yale Nov. 2009 visiting the cemetery. Is the train station still there. My grandmother would take me there and pick me to when I would visit my parents in Kansas City. Really enjoyed the web site. Thank you.

Steve - 2011-04-17
What is up with Yale, Ok? Why is it sooo much more crime going on there then in the past?

ashlea robbins - 2011-04-11
i think you guys need more photos i lived there but i still would like to see the town

Steve - 2011-01-09
The website looks great and the annual report is awesome. Didnt realize you guys did so much.

joyce fowler - 2010-12-07
merry christmas,be safe,happy new year

Suzy Oberholtz - 2010-10-01
keep forgetting to mention the website is good.

Bryan Withiam - 2010-09-22
Thanks for sending out the questionnaires to find out what the community opinions and suggestions are. Thanks for all you do for Yale.

Terry - 2010-09-13
Keep up the good work guys. The community is behind you. Thanks for all that you do. - 2010-09-06
Great website! Stay safe!

Minta Arbuthnot - 2010-07-31
What a nice web page!

joyce fowler - 2010-05-29
Happy birthday son. So proud of you and what you have accomplished in life. Stay safe

Kathleen Yale - 2010-03-25
I noticed Yale PD on and needless to say the name caught my eye. I will be sending my request for a Yale patch to add to my collection. The comments posted make it clear that Chief Keeling has the positive community support necessary to allow changes which will provide and maintain a professional police service to the citizens of Yale. Oklahoma is on my list of states I want to visit. Yale will certainly be one of my stops. Be safe.

Tom Mendenhall - 2010-03-16
You and your entire department need to be commended on the great job you did in helping rid our community of a very dangerous and vicious dog recently. Also, it should not go unrecognized for the money saved by getting a "donor Intrepid" and saving the City thousands of dollars by having Mike swap motors. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Wally Broughton - 2010-02-12
I am a retired Commander with Merced Police Dept. in Merced, Ca/ I was born in Yale. I am looking forward to making Yale my hom. Thanks for the good work.

Diane Craig - 2010-02-08
I'm impressed, Good job Chief Keeling. And to all the officers, Keep up the good work!

Barbara - 2010-01-18
Just located the website, looks great. Keep up the good work

Gloria Lytle (PPD/NCSO) - 2010-01-03
Website looks great! Keep up the good work!

Mary - 2009-12-11
Your k-9 dog is beautiful. Good job. Great site.



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